Junior Military Officers


Junior Military Officers (JMOs) graduate from the best universities in the nation including:

  • Service Academies
    • USNA- United States Naval Academy
    • USMA- United States Military Academy
    • USAFA- United States Air Force Academy
    • USCGA- United States Coast Guard Academy
    • USMMA- United States Merchant Marine Academy
  • Ivy League Schools
  • Top Ranked Schools
  • State Universities

Junior Military Officers make ideal hires for leadership, sales, and engineering roles, across nearly any industry that requires high energy, sound character, and the capacity to learn with each new challenge faced in a career.

When Junior Military Officers graduate college and receive a commission in the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard they enter leadership roles that require them to lead subject matter experts and trainees:

  • Maintaining and repairing electrical, electronic, and mechanical equipment
  • Handling large budgets and inventories of supplies
  • Project managing large capital projects
  •  Training in technical schools for:
    • Nuclear technology
    • Radar systems
    • Communication systems
    • IT Systems
    • Weapon systems
    • Propulsion systems
    • Supply chain systems


Many JMOs have now returned for postgraduate degrees, especially master’s degrees and doctorates.

Military hires have a proven track record of success in these industries:

  • Data Centers
  • Medical
  • Energy
  • Alternative Energy
    • Fuel Cell
    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Geo-Thermal
    • Hydro
  • Traditional Power Plants
    • Gas Turbine
    • Coal
    • Nuclear
  • Production Equipment
  • Retail
  • Investment Banking
  • Electrical Contracting, Mechanical Contracting/HVAC
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Consulting
  • Insurance
  • IT
  • Manufacturing
    • Food and Beverage
    • Auto-Motive
    • Semi-conductors

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